Wednesday, October 7, 2015

So there's this boy...

How did my girl go from disliking boys to this?!?

No. Really. She got mad at me once for talking to a boy in the drive thru. She said Mom it's a boy! Why did you talk to him?!


After a few days of hearing the name, I asked if it was a boy or girl. The name could go either way...

Addie:"It's a boy mom, but don't worry. He has blonde hair like me."
Me: "Whew! What a relief. So glad he has blonde hair."
Secretly died laughing inside...

His name is continually brought up.

They play at recess all the time.

He taught her which gun (made with your hands) is for good guys, and which is for bad guys.

He usually lets her be Iron Girl, which is her favorite when they play Super Heroes.

And then... just the other day... I pick her up...

Addie: "Mom, P and I played at recess today."
Me: "Oh yeah? Was it fun?"
Addie:"He danced for me. He did the whip and nae nae"
Me: "Oh....  did you like it?"
Addie: "Yeah. He did good."


He's dancing for her. Is this kindergarten for serious. Should I be worried?!?!

It's super cute though. I've never seen the boy, but so glad I volunteered to be a class reader on Friday. I will get the full scoop!

So not sure if it's a boy-friend, or boyfriend. I will keep you in the loop!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

It was just for a little while...

It was only a few days but those days were the world to us.

You see I knew I was pregnant, but I was sooooo tired of getting negative tests that  I made myself wait until way after my period was due that month. Way after.

I still remember that Tuesday morning like it was yesterday. That second line showed up so fast and so dark I could see it without even putting in my contacts. Which says a lot because I am blind!

I didn't know at that time that you weren't meant to be though. I held you a secret just for a few hours, just long enough to get Addie a big sister shirt. And surprise Erich. We even shared with friends very quickly. We never had issues with Addie why would you be different.

Just a few days later I knew something was up. I frantically called my OB but of course it was a Friday and they are only there half day. The nurse informed me that they had received my blood results back from earlier in the week but the doctor hadn't reviewed them yet. She couldn't say anything. I started sobbing. She said to come back in Monday but there was nothing they could do. She knew and basically told me without telling me that you were leaving my body and they couldn't stop it.

That was a long day. I don't remember much. I do remember the middle of the next night though when you did leave me. 

The crying by that time had calmed, and tears just streamed down my face as I sat there.

This was it. My body failed me.

I couldn't stop it. I didn't know why at that time or what had happened.

Monday came and my nurse was great. She had me come in right before lunch ended and immediately took me back so I didn't have to sit in a waiting room full of pregnant mommas. She told me what the problem was...and that was comforting. I knew I could fix it. Or try to fix it. But it didn't help the fact that I lost a child. Driving home I lost it again, and Addison....oh Addison. 

She said something that just made my heart smile. She asked why I was crying, so I told her the baby was gone.That didn't seem to phase her. She asked still why I was crying. I told her I was sad. She said but momma, she is up there with Jesus.

Cue the ugly cry.

Today would have been your due date. Looking back I can see many reasons why you may not have been meant to be. But I miss you nonetheless. You are my child, even if you were only with us a few days.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Mom Fail of the Year

We all fail. Some of us more than others.

This morning was a big one for me...

I go wake Bird up at our usual time, and she wakes up easily (surprisingly!) and immediately says, "Today is Donuts with Dad."

Complete panic for me. I TOTALLY forgot. AND since elementary school does it before school, it was too late to get her out the door and wake up Erich in time to make it.

I told her that mommy forgot, it was completely my fault, but that it just wouldn't happen today. Tears fell, and I felt horrible.

I tried to make it better by saying, well today is September 18th, that means in exactly one month you turn 6!

It helped a little bit. She did tell Erich that I forgot about it. But I could tell she was upset.

What I really wanted to tell her, but I didn't, is that in one month Big Girl you will be walking into Magic Kingdom at DISNEY WORLD!!

But we are keeping that entire week at Disney a surprise for her. She won't know until we land in Orlando! So Big Girl, I know mom sucked with the Donuts for Dad, but she is rocking it planning this special trip for you...

Hopefully when she is on the therapists couch many years from now, this day won't come up!

But I am truly excited and CANNOT wait to take her to Disney! She has been asking for a while, and it's finally happening! Literally, on her birthday, we will walk in and see Cinderella's castle... hopefully I will be Mom of the Year that day!

Happy Friday Kids.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Bringing all the boys to my yard


Oh Bluebell, how I have missed you. I thought this was going to be a super sad pregnancy, but you are back, and all is well with the world.

I wasn't one of the crazies in line before 6AM, but I do go grocery shopping after school drop off, and let me tell you... I've never seen HEB that busy, that early. And the guys couldn't even fill the shelves, people were pulling of pallets! I'm proud that I got the last cookies n cream.

Now... milkshakes for dinner. Erich thinks I am kidding... pregnant women never kid about milkshakes. And Root Beer floats... oh man. I don't think this Monday could get any better! So come on boys. Come to my yard. Milkshakes for everyone!!

But really...this started my week off great. Last week ended on a not so hot note.

My phone fell into a cup of Kool Aid during car line, and then decided to come back on for a few hours before dying completely. THEN, while waiting at AT&T for my new phone, I found an opened apple sauce in my purse.... you already know that wasn't a pretty site. Again, not sure how it ended up in there. But that was fun... NOT!

So I will begin my week with Bluebell, and pray it stays this great!

Happy Monday kids!

Monday, August 24, 2015

First Days and Footie Jams

Big day in the Kelley household today!

WHAT!?!? But yes. The time has come. She is ready. I'm ready. Just a reminder of how fast time goes!

I would like to point out she asked for the above photo! Which I didn't even hesitate - I mean come on... look at my hair... I could have run my fingers through it first, but I didn't want her to change her mind!!

I made it to the car. Then I got sad. Super sad. Thanks Starbucks. Caffeine and sugar can really make a momma feel better!

I would consider myself a smart girl - I knew I would be sad, so I scheduled Baby Girl #2's anatomy scan shortly after drop off.

Y'all it's been 6 years, and a lot has changed. This pregnancy I got a 3D view of my precious baby girl!

And to make my day even better... we got news that this girl's feet are perfect! No clubbed feet here. And our tech even took a pic for us! We were so concerned, but she measured perfect. For everything! Stubborn as can be, but that just means she is truly a Kelley girl!

So now I get to go buy footie jams! Y'all. This is huge. Makes my heart so happy. Addie never had any because of the casts and braces. FOOTIE JAMS! With fun little feet. Snaps. Zippers. Bring it on. 

By the way, Addie had a great day at school. Was super tired and said lunch wasn't long enough, but is ready for tomorrow!!


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